Disabled Youngsters Gifted with £350,000 Ambulances in Nottingham City Council Investment

Some of the city’s most severely disabled children are enjoying an individually tailored journey to school – thanks to a £350,000 cash injection from the local authority. Nottingham City Council has invested £350,000 in nine specially-adapted ambulances to transport severely disabled children to and from Oak Field School and Sports College. A total of 16 pupils are picked up every … Read More

Redefining Diversity – ‘Without Labels’

I wrote this article to try and collect some of my thoughts concerning Diversity and Inclusion. I work with many people who have been given the ‘label’ of being ‘Diverse’ and as, together, we gain an appreciation of the individual’s strengths and abilities, the empirical evidence demands I now ask if it time to redefine ‘Diversity’? Language The dictionary defines … Read More

Disability Discrimination: Your Legal Rights

What qualifies as disability? And what legal protection do people who experience discrimination at work have under the Equality Act? Though many employers are taking steps to improve workplace diversity and increase awareness around mental health, disabled people continue to face discrimination at work. Over half of disabled people have been bullied or harassed in the workplace because of their … Read More

Tackling The Lack Of Diversity In Children’s Books

I believe characters in stories should be as diverse as the people who read them, but only a very small handful of children’s books feature a deaf character. There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK. Most are born to hearing parents and go to mainstream schools where they may be the only deaf child, so they can … Read More

Call to End Workplace Disability Discrimination by Employers

Too many people with disabilities are being prevented from working because employers are unwilling to make reasonable adjustments, a charity has said. Citizens Advice Cymru found people with long-term health conditions had also faced bad practice and discrimination. In a report, it called for more help and support for people in work. The UK government said the Access to Work … Read More

Putting Disability In The Spotlight At London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is always an exciting time because of the way it pushes boundaries, giving us a glimpse of what the future could look like. That’s why I was thrilled to see the Teatum Jones design duo include visibly disabled models Jack Eyers and Kelly Knox in their catwalk show. This is fashion at its best- driving forward visible … Read More

‘Has being disabled affected your career?’ Guardian Taking Submissions

“Have you struggled to find or secure work because of your disability? Does your employer offer the support you need? We want to hear from you” Yesterday The Guardian asked their disabled readers to share stories of how their disabilities have made an impact to their career. This kind of article is a great way of engaging with their community, … Read More

Nearly half of employers hesitant about hiring someone with a disability

Nearly half of employers (45 per cent) are hesitant about hiring someone with a disability because of fears they wouldn’t be able to do the job according to latest research from disability organisation Purple. The nationwide survey of one thousand businesses also found a fifth of hiring managers (22 per cent) admitted they were worried about interviewing someone with a … Read More

Disabled children with behavioural issues ‘hidden away’

Disabled children in England with severe behavioural and complex mental health issues are being “separated and hidden” from society, a review warns. The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) says these children should not be put into institutions at an early age. Such a move costs the taxpayer dear and gives youngsters low ambitions for improving their lives, the CDC says. … Read More

Hate crime towards disabled rises by 700 per cent

Other forms of recorded hate crime incidents seem to be dropping. Recorded hate crime incidents towards disabled people in West Suffolk have risen by more than 700 per cent, according to new figures released by Suffolk Police. In 2015, there were six recorded incidents for the entire year – but in 2016, that figure rose to 49. Other forms of … Read More