Manchester Pride: Does the rainbow flag need black and brown stripes?

The rainbow flag with six colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, is the most well-known symbol for the LGBT community. Now, Manchester Pride has revealed it’s using a different flag for its 2019 event – one that includes black and brown stripes. It says the additions are to ensure people from black, Asian and other ethnic minority … Read More

#MeToo-Inspired Gillette Ad Takes on Toxic Masculinity

Gillette has taken a sharp stand against toxic masculinity with a new #MeToo-inspired advertisement. “We Believe: The Best a Man Can Be,” the razor company’s latest video, declares that the attitudes and behaviors that encourage bullying and sexual harassment “[have] been going on far too long.” Scenes depicting the historical byproducts of toxic masculinity — including young boys fighting, a … Read More

Campaign launched for more diverse fire and rescue services

Firefighters in England are approximately 95% male and white. The Home Office is launching a new campaign to help fire and rescue services change that. Only 5.2% of firefighters in England are women, and 3.9% are from an ethnic minority background (BAME). Join the Team: Become a Firefighter will combine a fitness guide encouraging more women to serve, as well … Read More

Up to 40% of Britons think BAME people do not face more discrimination

YouGov poll shown exclusively to Guardian also finds 14-20% think white people face greater discrimination in some areas. Up to 40% of British people do not think those from ethnic minority backgrounds face greater discrimination than white people in areas of life such as jobs, education and access to finance, according to a poll. The YouGov poll, shown exclusively to … Read More

‘Gay conversion therapy’ to be banned as part of LGBT equality plan

Controversial “gay conversion therapies” are to be banned as part of a government plan to improve the lives of gay and transgender people. A national survey of 108,000 members of the LGBT community suggested 2% have undergone the practice with another 5% having been offered it. It also found more than two-thirds of LGBT people avoid holding hands in public, … Read More

Black journalists call on editors to improve diversity in newsrooms

Black Journalists Collective UK demands journalism that better serves all communities. More than 100 black and minority ethnic journalists have written to UK editors to denounce a lack of diversity that has led to “a long litany of inadequacies in newsroom coverage of race and how stories about non-white people are covered”. The journalists, assembled under the auspices of a … Read More

To reach true gender equality we must focus on good male role models

When we discuss role models, we tend to think of women or other discriminated groups, but if we are to reach true equality then focusing on male role models is paramount. Whether we like or not, they have power – and we need to see examples of other men helping to advance the equal treatment and compensation of women in … Read More

Nationwide celebrates the UK’s diversity in ’12 voices of Christmas’

Nationwide Building Society is launching a series of adverts on Christmas Eve to celebrate a diverse range of voices and stories from people across the country. The ‘12 Voices of Christmas’ advertising campaign will feature a dozen different voices from all over the UK covering various ages, ethnicities and life experiences. Created by VCCP, each advert will capture each person’s … Read More

Brighton manager Chris Hughton says football needs greater diversity and inclusion to help tackle racism

The Brighton manager believes football clubs are making every possible effort to help prevent incidents of racial abuse, but said greater inclusion is required. Chris Hughton has reiterated his calls for more diversity in football coaching, board rooms and in charge of the sport’s governing bodies in order to help tackle racism in football. The Brighton manager believes football clubs are making every possible effort to … Read More