Lancôme Champions Power and Diversity of Women in Latest Campaign

French cosmetics brand Lancôme is focusing on the power and diversity of women in its latest campaign to mark the extension of its foundation range. The 40 Shades, 40 Powers campaign introduces consumers to 40 completely different women who are successful and challenging the status quo in their lives. It looks at people like TV presenter Sophie Morgan, innovator and … Read More

Diversity: More Than Just A Buzzword

Diversity. Having worked in the equality and diversity field over several decades, I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes fear diversity has become more of a buzzword than a real force for inclusiveness. Diversity is the buzzword in everything from workshops to expos and conferences and everything in-between, but what about in the workplace? It’s all too easy … Read More

Depression Is Now The ‘Leading Cause Of Disability Worldwide’, WHO Reports

Depression is now the leading cause of disability across the globe, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed. More than 4% of the world’s population lives with depression – with young people, pregnant or post-partum women, and the elderly being most affected. According to the United Nations (UN), the mental illness costs more than $1 trillion a year globally. This is … Read More

Diversity Sells

French Vogue has announced that it will feature Valentina Sampaio, a Brazilian transgender model, on its cover this March. This is a first for Vogue, and the first time a transgender model has ever appeared on the cover of a French magazine. In the pages of the issue, the editor-in-chief, Emmanuelle Alt describes the motivation behind the decision to include … Read More

Disabled Youngsters Gifted with £350,000 Ambulances in Nottingham City Council Investment

Some of the city’s most severely disabled children are enjoying an individually tailored journey to school – thanks to a £350,000 cash injection from the local authority. Nottingham City Council has invested £350,000 in nine specially-adapted ambulances to transport severely disabled children to and from Oak Field School and Sports College. A total of 16 pupils are picked up every … Read More

Redefining Diversity – ‘Without Labels’

I wrote this article to try and collect some of my thoughts concerning Diversity and Inclusion. I work with many people who have been given the ‘label’ of being ‘Diverse’ and as, together, we gain an appreciation of the individual’s strengths and abilities, the empirical evidence demands I now ask if it time to redefine ‘Diversity’? Language The dictionary defines … Read More

With Women at the Forefront, the Unions are Relevant Again

The wage freeze we are living through is the longest since Victorian times. The public sector pay cap means that many employees entered 2017 facing cuts to real pay. Nurses, police officers, ambulance drivers and firefighters are all earning less than they did five years ago. And though the gender pay gap for men and women in their 20s has … Read More

Disability Discrimination: Your Legal Rights

What qualifies as disability? And what legal protection do people who experience discrimination at work have under the Equality Act? Though many employers are taking steps to improve workplace diversity and increase awareness around mental health, disabled people continue to face discrimination at work. Over half of disabled people have been bullied or harassed in the workplace because of their … Read More

Nike Puts Diversity in the Limelight in New ‘Equality’ Ad

Social video experts at Be On review “Equality”, the latest viral by Nike. “Equality” aired at the Grammy Awards on CBS, the spot is just 90-seconds in length and packs a punch, encouraging society to echo the diversity we see on All-Star football pitches and basketball courts. Featuring voiceovers from celebrity endorsers and role models including Serena Williams and LeBron … Read More

Halfon launches Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network

Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network of employers aims to boost take-up among people with disabilities and from ethnic minorities The Department for Education has today announced that a group of businesses have come together to help promote diversity within apprenticeships. The Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network (ADCN) is comprised of 23 employers, including Rolls-Royce, the BBC, BAE Systems and a number of … Read More