Update from Jade Sutton

Hi everyone, I’ve been so busy since the NDA Ceremony and I’m really excited to share some of the things I’ve been doing with you all!

Below are photos of me leading my assembly, ‘Believe In Yourself & Follow Your Dreams’ for 300 primary school children today. This was my 48th assembly! I have now reached over 17’000 children with my message. I was invited to speak at this particular school because a young girl  (who has ADHD like me) saw me on ITV news. She printed out all the information from my website and asked her head teacher to invite me to speak at her school. This meant so much to me and it was a very special experience.

You can see in the photos, I’m wearing a blue sash – this is because I have recently been awarded the title of Young European International Miss Teen Devon. This is a International Pageant that celebrates positive role models, their motto is ‘Aspire to Inspire’ which I love! and I feel so excited to be competing in their National Finals this weekend!

Jade’s Website – www.JadeSutton.com


Source – Jade Sutton