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Community Organisation Award for Gender

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Location: London
Code Coven is the first award-winning global accelerator for marginalised game developers!

Our mission is to elevate marginalised voices and increase representation at all levels within the games and creative technology industries, both off and on-screen. By empowering underrepresented developers with knowledge, resources and personalised support, we enable more diverse ideas, stories and technology to emerge.

We aim to turn the tide in an industry that historically has been associated with toxicity and homogeneity and support marginalised developers to rise as leaders and entrepreneurs who embrace empathy and inclusivity. By investing in next-generation leaders, we are tackling toxicity and promoting kindness and empathy within the games industry.

Graduates from our courses secure jobs at studios of varying sizes, from small independent studios to larger AAA, including Square Enix, Epic Games, Farbridge, Riot Games, Niantic, Midboss, East Side Games and more. Many of our graduates have found and been hired for opportunities as a direct result of the mentors and sponsors introduced to them in our courses and career workshop events!

Many of our graduates contribute to the greater game industry through talks at conferences, ranging in local scale up to the internationally renowned Game Developers Conference, often speaking to Code Coven values or even on games made during our courses. Our graduates are prolific contributors to improving the landscape of the industry in their respective communities.

Pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities is also a likely option for our graduates. Teams have both self-published their titles and pursued publishing deals. Further funding opportunities are also an option for projects developed in our courses, such as Subliminal Games joining WINGS Interactive for their title Button City.

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