Jaide Foster-Howarth

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for LGBT

Nominee Profile

Location: Blackpool
Hi my name is Jaide and I am a pre op transgender women. I grew up in a small Lancashire town that was both homophonic & transphonic back then. Growing up as a person struggling with their sexuality and gender was so hard. I followed the line that was expected. Married, became a father but knew it wasn't right. After coming out as a gay man the marriage broke down and lived as a gay man for over 20 years. I began performing in drag as Zanadu Minnelli, around the North West. Which now I realise was a release for me to be the real me. But during the lockdowns, life changed dramatically. Having had mental health issues for many years, during counselling I accepted what the issue was. I am a woman not a gayman. So I came out to all my family, friends and work, and finally accepted my true gender.
During the lock downs and as the venues closed, I decided i needed to keep entertainment going and started doing a live show on Facebook.
Wow did that escalate, from just me and my phone to a mini TV studio in my lounge. Each show was different, chatting to viewers, q&a sections as well as interviews with other local entertainers and a couple of celeb guests. I sang and did specials for mental health, Xmas and Easter, trans related issues etc. After accepting my true self. the lives became more of a support for me as much as the people watching.

I have lost count on how many people have thanked me for doing the shows and how much they felt accepted and supported. New friendships have formed and I even won a Blackpool pride community award for my efforts.

Being nominated for this award is amazing but if you vote & share I would be grateful and good luck to all nominated people in my category

Jaide xx