Stephanie Clayton

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for Gender

Nominee Profile

Location: London
Steph Clayton (she/her) trained as a lawyer before specialising in human resources and employment law. She holds an undergraduate degree from Kent University, a postgraduate diploma from Westminster University, and a Masters degree from London South Bank University.

Steph started her career 18 years ago in investment banking, and has since turned her hand to television, digital marketing and cybersecurity, whilst also using her expertise to enable two tech start-ups to reach successful acquisition. For the past ten years, her focus now is on growing diverse, healthy, forward-thinking, award-winning* workplaces to meet the needs of today and the next generation.

Steph is particularly proud of her current work with Code Coven, with whom she volunteers as COO; allowing her to help open doors for underrepresented voices in the gaming industry. Big picture - she aspires to do the same for as many people in as many industries as possible; making a successful career in a discipline you enjoy something that is achievable for everyone.

In her spare time she runs around after her 3 children and dog, aspires to be a novelist, and plays a lot of Final Fantasy. You can find her talking often about movies and parenting @stephmashor on Twitter.

*2021 Fortune Best Workplace in Technology, 2021 Fortune Best Workplace for Women, 2021 Fortune Best Workplace for Millennials, 2021 PEOPLE Companies that Care, 2022 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list