Al’s Arc

31st August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Community Organisation Award: Disability


Al’s Club was formed in 2018 in memory of the late Alan Lynch. Since opening, Al’s Arc has delivered a variety of sessions all directed at improving independent living, social skills, and encouraging extra educational learning to adults with disabilities. This fantastic organisation delivers a wide range of activities/lessons during a week at the centre including getting creative with arts&crafts, history, maths, English, sports, drama, music lessons, foreign language lessons, and so much more! When Covid-19 hit, Al’s Arc Angels was born to provide shopping for families who were struggling while in lockdown. They also provided medicine collection, weekly soup donations, and free clothing to the Prescot community. Overall Al’s Arc have provided over 1000+ shops since 2020, and delivered over 300 bowls of soup. Al’s Arc has also provide a Thursday night club which aims to improve social skills and confidence.