James Hunt

17th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Positive Role Model Award: Disability


After joining the Army at 30 years of age, James Hunt was given structure, values, fitness, and purpose. After passing out in 2010, James was deployed to Afghanistan where he sustained an injury which resulted in him being medically discharged in 2016. James’ mental health deteriorated, and he found himself in a dark place  physically and mentally. With past experiences of alcohol and substances, James was determined not to revert to his old ways and set about creating ‘Nanny Biscuit’ – a multi-faceted community project providing a wide range of support for vulnerable people. Using his lived experience as his driver, James holds Christmas dinners for people suffering with loneliness, facilitates buddy calls for isolated individuals, and launched a successful Food pantry and a partnership with Moneysupermarket to deliver over 46,000 meals to vulnerable communities around North East Wales and Chester.