Marcus Wilton

25th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Positive Role Model Award: Age


Marcus Wilton lives with Autism, PDA, ADHD and mental health issues. He was excluded from Nursery aged three and again from mainstream Primary at eight. Sad that other children and young people like him may be having a hard time too, he set off on a mini career in public speaking aged nine at his local parent/carer forum where he talked about living with ADHD and Autism, promoting the positives of being different.  5 years later he has spoken at over 50 conferences, events, documentaries, videos, and articles, including being one the founder members of the “Umbrella Gang”, a comic for Primary school children around ADHD/ND and published in “Stories that never stand still” for teenagers with ADHD/ND. Marcus has gone on to influence professional and world leaders as a panellist at Dubai EXPO on the future of education as well as meeting with CYP & families Minister about equitable education for all.