Samantha Gould

25th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Positive Role Model Award: Gender


A self-confessed pensions geek, Samantha has worked in pensions since graduating from university in 2008. Samantha has been instrumental in raising awareness of the inequality in the UK pension system, where women reach retirement age with £147,000 less in their pensions than men. Since 2019, Samantha has produced four industry-leading reports, securing international media coverage, reaching a total audience of over 2 billion. As a proud single mother, Samantha is passionate about creating a fairer UK pension system for herself, her young daughter, and future generations. Since February 2021 Samantha has been mentoring 2,000 students aged between 8 and 22, teaching them the importance of long-term saving. Winner of numerous industry awards, Samantha is proud to have been shortlisted in the UN Women UK Awards 2020 and is an Ambassador for International Women’s Day and a Governor of the PPI.