2BU Somerset

30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: Age

2BU Somerset provides a specialist support service serving the needs of young LGBTQ+ people aged 11-25 across Somerset. Their central aim is to help build resilience and confidence and support each young LGBTQ+ person to a place of healthy self-acceptance. This exceptional organisation provides a safe environment for LGBTQ+ young people to come together and gain support from trusted adults and peers. They offer regular support groups which provide a varied holistic and tailored programme, as well as outreach support when young people are unable to access the central support group. Last year alone, 2BU provided direct support to 350 young people, providing 1005 one-to-one support sessions and 2507 contacts via 2BU groups and activities. It is clear 2BU isn't just any youth support group, it’s a group where everyone plays a part and helps support each other to be themselves.