Andrea Jessop

30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Lifetime Achiever Award

When Andrea’s son was born with a dairy intolerance, she gained a vital insight into the world of living with food allergies. With her husband Mike, she used this knowledge to launch the UK’s first dairy and gluten free chocolate advents and Easter eggs, and their Moo Free confectionery business. Led by Andrea, the culture at Moo Free is inclusive. She saw the struggles of her autistic son trying to enter the world of employment, taken advantage of, and bullied. Upon starting Moo Free she vowed that she would give anyone, who wants to work, the opportunity. This meant educating existing staff how to interact with different people, be tolerant, empathetic, and kind to everyone. Being autistic she understands how it feels to be taken out of your comfort zone and routine. She wanted to create an environment where everyone can thrive no matter who they are.