Diversity Role Models

31st August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: LGBT

Diversity Role Models works with schools to end LGBTQ+ bullying. Volunteers share their stories in schools with students, staff, governors and parents/carers, they lead the delivery of workshops as Facilitators, and help with office and professional skills to help them be a stronger organisation. Diversity Role Models actively seeks to embed inclusion and empathy in the next generation. Their vision is a world where everyone embraces diversity and can thrive, and to create an education system in which every young person will know they are valued and supported, whoever they are. Their student workshops feature LGBTQ+ or ally role models who speak openly about their lived experiences, building young people’s empathy so they can understand the impact of their language and actions. This year, Diversity role models are on track to have reached over 200,000 young people since their work began.