Dope Black Women CIC

31st August 2023

2023 Winner
Community Organisation Award: Gender

Dope Black Women CIC is an award-winning global non-profit organisation with a growing community of over 30,000 people across the world, providing digital and in-person safe spaces for Black women to come together to celebrate, inspire, educate, and heal. Founded by Leanne Levers and Roshan Roberts, they recognised that many Black women feel they do not have the support needed to navigate their personal and professional lives, oftentimes having to conform to western and patriarchal ideals about how they should look, think, and behave. Dope Black Women has undertaken a variety of activities to achieve their mission, which includes promoting health and well-being, raising awareness of social justice issues, and celebrating Black cultures. One of the key activities of Dope Black Women CIC is their weekly podcast, featuring a diverse range of guests discussing topics related to Black culture.