Gemma McCall

30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Entrepreneur of Excellence Award

Gemma is the co-founder and CEO of Culture Shift. She carved out her early career as a tenacious business development professional, but in 2018 found her calling in leading her own team of change-makers. Gemma has successfully raised £3.65 million in VC funding for Culture Shift, and since then has tripled the size of the team and invested significantly across all areas of the business. Culture Shift is a tech for good organisation that aims to help organisations and educational institutions identify, track and prevent issues of bullying, discrimination and harassment through an anonymous reporting platform as well as culture transformation services. Gemma is passionate about using technology to speed up the rate of positive change across the world and is a respected voice on issues around harassment as well as supporting women and other marginalised groups in places of work and study.