30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Diverse Company Award

MSD in the UK are ‘Inventing for Life’. They’re helping to transform the lives of millions of patients and populations in the UK by providing innovative medicines, vaccines and services, through partnerships with the NHS and the work of the inspiring people who make up their company. With a substantial workforce in the UK of 1,400 people, their ability to excel depends on the diversity, integrity, and imagination of their employees. That’s why MSD are committed to developing a workforce that is diverse and talented, fostering a culture of mutual respect. Their workforce is multigenerational with employees ranging in age from 18-70, and 45 per cent of senior roles at present are filled by women. They have a wide number of EBRG’s, currently 8, and have a range of programmes to support physical and mental wellbeing, including their ‘Live It’ programme which has trained over 25 trained Health First Aiders.