Pointe Black

1st September 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: Race, Religion & Faith

Pointe Black is a not-for-profit Black owned/led ballet school in South London, providing an inclusive ballet studio for those of African and Caribbean descent. Their integrated dance style has the foundations of the ballet technique, whilst incorporating Black culture through Afro, Dancehall and beyond. All classes are open to beginners, allowing as many people within the Black community to access the art as possible. In just under 2 years, the school has around 55 regular ballerinas, have sold out two theatre productions, and their ballerinas have successfully auditioned for the Ballet Futures programme with the English National Ballet. Pointe Black not only provides ballet lessons, but also campaigns for racial equity and the decolonisation of the ballet industry. They educate, encourage, and empower the community to be their full selves unapologetically - in the studio and beyond.