Sukhdev Kaur Reel

30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Positive Role Model Award: Race, Religion & Faith

Kenyan born Sukhdev was raised to believe in kindness, compassion, equality, and justice. Moving to England in her early 20’s, Sukhdev worked many jobs including Senior Homeless Persons Officer from which she retired in 2014. An agonisingly life changing event occurred in October 1997, after Sukhdev’s son, Ricky suffered a racially motivated attack resulting in the loss of his life. With very little support from the police, Sukhdev began her crusade to expose the institutional racism within the police which she felt stopped the pursuit of justice for her son. The Justice for Ricky Reel Campaign was born, seeking to change the way police treat non white individuals. Through her 25 years of campaigning, Sukhdev has met with former Home Secretary Jack Straw, attended a Reception with the Prime Minister, and just recently instigated a fresh investigation into Ricky’s death with the Police Commissioner.