Dionne Aiken

NDA23 Judge

Dionne Aiken

Dionne Aiken


Chief Marketing Officer, Profiles Division


Dionne Aiken is the Chief Marketing Officer for Kantar’s Profiles Division.  She is passionate about connecting brands with people, a strong advocate for inclusion and diversity as well as being a valued mentor.

Specializing in the technology industry, Dionne has over 20 years of award winning, industry leading experience with an impressive track record of growing profits through cutting edge marketing and lead generation strategies.  Throughout her career, she has consistently been at the forefront of acquisition and customer marketing.

Dionne is a public speaker, advocate and champion for leading in an inclusive way to ensure diversity is celebrated. At Kantar, she co-chairs the UK Inclusion and Diversity committee - educating and promoting on the importance of making it possible for everyone to bring their true self to the workplace.


Recent achievements include:

  • EMpower Top 20 Executive Role Model 2021
  • Winner of the Baton Awards in 2020