Cardiff blogger nominated for National Diversity LGBT Award

16th May 2022

Founded in 2012, the National Diversity Awards is the UK's leading prestigious event that honours individuals and organisations at a grass-root level doing exceptional work for their community. The awards were created after founder Paul Sesay found a significant need for more role models around the country to be promoted, in an aim to inspire.

With one thousand people being shortlisted for awards around the country, it's clear that Zoey Allen has made a huge impression here in Wales and around the country. She has lent her voice by openly sharing her inspiring story, in an effort to help society become more accepting of transgender people.

Posting honest accounts of her coming out story, her relationship with wife Kelly and their two children, Zoey has solidified herself as a role model. 

"I'm shocked to be honest, we put ourselves out there and try to normalise trans folk in families etc through our blog and socials, but for someone to nominate me, us, is such a kind and overwhelming thing to do. It's an honour," Zoey told WalesOnline.

"I think it's really important to have more LGBTQIA role models, especially trans role models in this day and age. There's so much we are still fighting for and so much we are being pushed back on by the government and high profile celebs, that having more visible trans folk out there and getting recognition is vital for the queer folk of the future," she said.

"It was a shock and an honour to get the notification and to have so much wonderful feedback online when I talked about it. I guess it's another step for me becoming more visible and standing up for those who are unable to, so with that in mind, it means the world."

Zoey and Kelly Allen live in Cardiff with their two children and in 2019 they made headlines when Zoey came out publicly as transgender. Since the announcement the couple have created multiple ventures, including their award-winning blog Our Transitional Life, which highlights the positives and negatives of navigating life as a transgender family, and their jewellery line KelZo. A secret she had kept quite since she was eight years old, Zoey eventually transitioned at 38 with full support from wife Kelly and children Molly and George.

Source - Wales Online