Review of the UK National Diversity Awards 2023 - An Evening of Celebration and Inspiration

20th September 2023

Last Friday at the UK National Diversity Awards 2023 was nothing short of magical. Set against the grand backdrop of the Cathedral, the event celebrated the essence of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance. A heartfelt thanks to the NDA team for organising such a magnificent celebration of diversity and inclusivity, which truly showcased the array of talents, strengths, and passion of those working towards a more inclusive society.


I had the immense privilege of receiving the Positive Role Model LGBT award, a distinction that took me by surprise given the calibre of exceptional nominees present. The air was thick with inspiration, every face telling its own story of resilience, strength, and determination. While awards distinguish individuals or organisations, the evening made it abundantly clear: every nominee present was a beacon of change in their own right.


A heartfelt nod to my fellow nominees in the LGBT category; your passion, dedication, and spirit shine bright. Our combined efforts, driven by your courage, have been creating palpable change in the world.


The evening wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the bedrock of my journey. To my biological and chosen families, the unwavering pillars of my life - thank you. A special mention to my incredible friends from Oasis Waterloo Church, Open House, and all the wonderful souls I've met along the way; you've made every step worthwhile.


As we wrapped up the evening, one sentiment echoed clear: our collective efforts are shaping a world filled with love, acceptance, and unity. The award, to me, is not just an accolade but a commitment to further this mission.


In today's society, the term 'WOKE' has often been used pejoratively, as a means of disparagement. Yet, we, as a community, choose to reclaim it, recognising its roots in awareness and social justice. Personally, I am inspired by figures like Jesus, one of the greatest WOKES of all time who epitomised love, acceptance and inclusion, we wear the term with pride and responsibility.


Here's to a future where every individual, no matter their background, feels seen, heard, and cherished.


Dave Moreton (he/him)