Abbie Hills

14th March 2022

2021 Winner

Positive Role Model Award for Disability

Talent agent and filmmaker with cerebral palsy, Abbie Hills is working tirelessly to create a more diverse and inclusive entertainment industry. Based on her frustration of the lack of diversity and accessibility in the industry, Abbie founded her own talent agency The Dazey Hills Company to support a diverse range of talent across the board. She uses her blog PalsyVibes to raise awareness of cerebral palsy, develop a strong network of peers, and share her own experience living with a disability. Abbie is not only a mentor to actors, models and performers during all stages of their career, but is also inspiring people to be comfortable with their hidden disability. In 2020, Abbie was a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the South-East Entrepreneurial Spirit Award category and continues to use her platform to break down barriers.