Be Kind Movement

17th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Community Organisation Award: Multi-Strand


Be Kind Movement is an award winning charity whose mission is to entertain using the medium of short films, educate on the transformative power of kindness, and empower children & young people with emotional intelligence skills for life. The pioneering Kindness In School Programme™, an early intervention and preventative tool, focuses on instilling 10 kindness values (compassion, respect, integrity, gratitude etc) that embodies diversity, fairness and inclusion. Kindness values build key EQ skills such as social awareness, relationship skills, self-awareness, self-management etc which enables children to experience a positive and aspirational mindset, a strong sense of emotional and physical well-being and equips them with skills to cope with issues they face in the playground as children, and later in life as young adults.