Dr Tony Lloyd

10th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Lifetime Achiever Award


Dr Tony Lloyd is the CEO of the ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity - the largest user led agency of its kind in Europe. Dr Lloyd has been a pioneering advocate for neurodiverse paradigm in health, education and business in the UK. He is a co-author of several national reports on ADHD and Neurodiversity in the UK and plays an active role in national forums to campaign for changes in policy and the design and delivery of public services. He is also actively involved in promoting neurodiversity in the workplace. The Neurodiversity Umbrella Project established by Tony and the Foundation, has become an internationally recognised annual event that celebrates 'diversity of minds' and the unique contribution to our families, friends and industry by those with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and Tourette’s. In addition, Tony is a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.