Josh Preye Garry

18th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Positive Role Model Award: Race, Religion & Faith


Growing up Josh Preye Garry struggled to see how and where he fitted in. Despite having no substantial support network, Josh worked hard and his passion for teaching and educating was born. Currently heading up the History Department at Platanos College, Josh is on a crusade to drive forward the conversation around Black History, and why it is integral to British History. In addition to leading on an A-level module on African American Civil Rights, Josh has played a key role in developing a Key Stage 3 curriculum that reflects the backgrounds of his student body, contributed to a new GCSE, and co-authored a GCSE course that explores Black British History. Proud recipient of a fellowship from the Historical Association, Josh is a shining example and a display of hope to a generation of young people who will follow in his footsteps.