31st August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Community Organisation Award: Race, Multi-Strand


ReportOUT is a global human rights organisation for sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQI+), based in Gateshead, with a mission to 'Report. Inform. Defend'. Since 2019 they have been fearless, determined and relentless in their belief that human rights are fundamental to advancing the lives of sexual and gender minorities, and their communities. They work with a dedicated volunteer team to document the human rights abuses, and development needs, of sexual and gender minorities, in every nation state to influence governments and policy makers to make positive social change. ReportOUT educate and train the UK public about what is happening to sexual and gender minorities in the UK and abroad, as well as campaign for social change and justice for all. This incredible organisation is helping to make a fairer, more equal, and inclusive world, where the human rights of all are respected and no-one is left behind.