Richard Keane

10th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Entrepreneur of Excellence Award


Richard Keane is the founder of SymbolSend, a messaging app aimed at nonverbal individuals that use PECS as their method of communication. Richard has two children who are the inspiration behind SymbolSend. Both of Richards children are autistic, however, his son Rheuben is non verbal. A chef by trade, Richard started SymbolSend when he noticed that there was a need for such an app in the nonverbal community. The app allows users the ability to use their visual aids to send messages which will then be translated into written text for a neurotypical user. Equally in the reverse a text can be sent, and the app will convert this back into visual aids. SymbolSend is the first app of its kind that allows individuals using PECS the ability to be able to communicate remotely and keep in touch with their social and healthcare circles no matter where they are.