Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Mike Hill Royal Navy

15th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Positive Role Model Award: LGBT


Joining the Royal Navy as the ban on LGBT+ service was repealed, Mike has led the military's culture transformation over the last 2 decades. Dedicating his life’s work to driving diversity and inclusion, he's led cross-government work and established Operstion Equality to support LGBTQIA+ veterans. As a strong inclusion advocate and with own hidden disabilities, he works intersectionally and his other catalogue of achievements include being co-chair of Compass, the navy's sexual orientation, gender identity and expression network, forming the cross-sector Pride In Defence network and developing both community and youth LGBTQIA+ engagement programmes seeing young people taste life at sea on a warship. As both an LGBT Foundation trustee and Trans In The City advisor, he exemplifies community leadership, improving all LGBTQIA+ people's lives. His unwavering, selfless commitment cements his shortlist place.