The Evergreen Project

15th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Community Organisation Award: Gender


The Evergreen Project, part of Endeavour Community Domestic Abuse service, provides tailored support and advocacy for women, men and couples aged 55 to currently 93. Many of those supported experience multiple disadvantages around health and care needs, social isolation and digital exclusion. Evergreen works with each person to create a safety plan around their individual needs and wishes. Alongside advocacy, group work and counselling, Evergreen provide art therapy, walk and talk, and personal safety sessions with peer support to reduce isolation and increase empowerment. They deliver free training to organisations and care givers on recognising different forms of abuse and referral pathways. In 2022, Endeavour are celebrating 25 years as a charity providing whole family support and a pet fostering service for people and pets to live free from Domestic Abuse ensuring #noonegetsleftbehind.