The LUNA Project

19th August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Community Organisation Award: Disability


A charity run by young people for young people, The LUNA Project seeks to support and raise awareness of young people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and long-term health conditions. They believe a key way to do this is friendship. This superb organisation wants to empower young people with disabilities to talk to their friends and peers about disability and the ways their friends could support them, and to equip young people with the tools to support their peers and friends with disabilities’. The LUNA Project also pushes for wider awareness, and work tirelessly to provide the right information and tools - both to Disabled and non-disabled young people - through workshops, resources, and their blog. Over 500 school students have participated in LUNA workshops and over 6000 people have read their blog with pieces from over 50 contributors.