Traveller Pride

31st August 2022

2022 Shortlisted Nominee

Community Organisation Award: LGBT


Launched in 2019 at Pride in London, Traveller Pride provides support, representation and guidance for LGBT+ Travellers in the UK. They are an entirely community-led organisation and help create spaces where people can feel accepted both for being a Traveller and for being LGBT+, with a view to this positively impacting the health and prosperity of their members. Traveller Pride advocate strongly for better inclusion in LGBT+ and Traveller spaces and want to help break the stereotypes which can exist about either of these communities. From funded therapy, an outreach service, phone line, trans solidarity fund, and free binder service to more background advocacy within other organisations and spaces, Traveller Pride aims to shine a light on a minority within a minority and help people feel more comfortable in the world at large. They are the only group advocating for this in the country.