Caribbean & African Health Network

1st September 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: Race, Religion & Faith

The Caribbean & African Health Network (CAHN) is a Black-led organisation set up in 2017 and operates with a vision of eradicating health inequalities and wider disparities for Caribbean and African people within a generation. Working with community groups, faith networks and cross-sector organisations, CAHN leads on strategic engagement to ensure the voices and experiences of Black people are placed at the heart of public policy and practice. From humble grassroots beginnings the organisation as grown into a national network leading the call to challenge the wider enablers and social determinants which contribute to health inequalities. Over the years they have provided training to over 200 GP practices, delivered over 110 health awareness and education live-webinars. Over 3,000 people benefitted from their counselling and advocacy services.