Chloe Me Just Me

24th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Positive Role Model Award: Age

A social influencer advocating for positive mental health, authenticity, and neurodiversity, Chloe Me Just Me persistently shares her young voice with the world to help raise awareness around Autism, PDA, Tourettes, and ADHD. Since the age of 7, Chloe has created engaging social content highlighting her own neurodiversity journey specifically focussing on her autism, PDA and more recently her Tourettes. Her content has been used by charities, councillors, therapists, and psychologists to support and aid their practices. With over 1.5 thousand subscribers, her YouTube channel is a safe space for those going through a similar journey and a platform that actively encourages teen authenticity. Creator of several home education events, Chloe has allowed many children to access activities and lessons that they would have otherwise not had access to. Chloe is a shining example of all the good that can happen when difference is celebrated.