Dan Harris

24th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Positive Role Model Award: Disability

Dan Harris, CEO and Founder of Neurodiversity in Business (NiB), ardently pursues the inclusion of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. Inspired by his own experiences as an autistic person with ADHD, and as a loving father to a non-speaking autistic son, Harris established NiB, launching it at the UK Houses of Parliament in March 2022. The charity swiftly grew, earning support from global companies like Amazon, McDonald's, Virgin Media, and Lloyds Banking Group, all of whom have pledged to adopt neuroinclusive practices. Closer to home, Harris's recent collaboration with the City of Peterborough to install 100 public autism communication boards showcases tangible support for non-speaking children and autistic adults. His dual focus on broad impact and community care embodies a dynamic approach to fostering inclusivity and understanding.