Her Game Too

31st August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: Gender

Her Game Too is a voluntary campaign that aims to eradicate sexism and promote gender equality in sports. Launched in 2021 by a group of female football fans, the campaign challenges attitudes that perpetuate sexism, promotes inclusivity and diversity, and provides education and awareness on gender equality in sports. It seeks to create a culture where women and girls are respected and valued. It also focuses on educating sports organisations, schools, coaches, and players, providing resources and training to promote gender equality. Her Game Too are currently partnered with 70 of the 92 EFL Clubs, and over 175 non-league and grassroots clubs. The campaign has previously donated kit and equipment to grassroots teams across the UK, and aim to continue to support grassroots girls clubs financially, so girls can continue to play the game they love. The team is driving positive change and making a real difference in football and the wider sporting world.