Jennifer Lake

30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Entrepreneur of Excellence Award

Jennifer is a disabled mum with three children. She is also a carer and advocate for her elderly father who has dementia, and a mentor and scout for young aspiring footballers. Jennifer created Bug Grip, a universal clamping device which is a useful multitool created out of necessity. Jennifer could not steer both a trolley pushchair and a walking stick at the same time and could not complete a simple shopping task without needing help. Thus, the Bug Grip clamping device was born to create a universal solution to a universal problem. This has been a dream of Jennifer’s for 20 years, and Bug Grip is now ready for testing, and then manufacturing ready for the market. Bug Grip has been endorsed by innovation industries and baby products market. As we move towards more holistic ways of travelling, Bug Grip will be the must have accessory for outings, and anticipation is gathering pace.