30th August 2023

2023 Winner
Diverse Company Award

Inclusion and Diversity is the beating heart of Kantar. Kantar knows that through accepting and appreciating the diversity of individual experiences, they can continue to lead the pack when it comes to data, insights, and consulting. In 2022-2023 Kantar have strengthened their I&D strategy, tripling the size of their Global I&D Team, training and engaging with Executive Leaders, introducing a diverse I&D Advisory Group to provide ongoing feedback, and investing in the development of Employee Resource Groups. Kantar improved their Parental Leave policy for primary and secondary caregivers, gave all colleagues 5 days “Life Leave”, and have increased their ethnicity data disclosure to above 90%. Their new mentoring and reverse mentoring scheme is open to every colleague, and I&D is embedded into Exec’s OGSPs for 2023 and beyond, so accountability sits with leaders across the business.