Lyndsay Watterson

30th August 2023

2023 Winner
Entrepreneur of Excellence Award

There is an inclusion revolution taking place, and Neo Walk is at the forefront empowering people with the choice to stand out, not to fit in. Created in 2013 by disabled amputee designer Lyndsay Watterson, when she wanted a stylish walking stick for herself. The days of ugly walking sticks are gone, and if people prefer something colourful and stylish, Neo Walk is the place to go. Made from sturdy, tactile acrylic, Neo Walk sticks combine gorgeous colours and handle shapes with superb style and functionality. They have comfort grips, light up glitter sticks and new designs being created all the time to cater for all tastes. They have sent over 10,000 walking sticks to over 25 countries. Lyndsay has created a large social media following on Instagram, and a warm supportive community has blossomed because of it.