Muslimah Sports Association

1st September 2023

2023 Winner
Community Organisation Award: Race, Religion & Faith

Multi-award winning Muslimah Sports Association (MSA) is recognised through the industry as the largest Muslim women’s sports charity in England. The MSA works tirelessly to advocate on behalf of ethnically diverse and Muslim women in sports. Not satisfied with their achievement, MSA felt it was important to have a voice and seat with those who establish policies and strategies in sports affecting minority communities. The MSA are leading the discussions with National Governing Bodies, championing diversity and inclusion to be embedded throughout stakeholder organisations. MSA trustees have gained positions in other organisations such as iNED at Essex FA, Youth Sports Trust, and Muslim Women Network, as well as advisory boards, encouraging diverse voices at the decision-making tables. MSA has engaged with over 1500 participants and created over 100 coaches from diverse communities across a range of sports.