Nate Macabuag

30th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Entrepreneur of Excellence Award

Nate is the founder of Koalaa, a startup on a mission to address the three main issues faced by the global limb difference community - access, affordability and comfort. Unlike traditional prosthetics, Koalaa prosthetics are made from fabric which is breathable and fits snugly against the arm. This means they are light, comfy and suitable for even very young children and can be sent around the world for a fraction of the cost. Interchangeable tools, driven by user feedback and need, can be attached to the end of the sleeve and swapped in and out. Users can also join the Koalaa Community where they benefit from peer-to-peer support and are linked with a Limb Buddy – an individual with personal experience of limb difference. In doing so, Koalaa is helping unite the limb difference community for the first time, acting as a central hub that brings people together both online and in person.