Women in Academia Support Network

31st August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: Gender

WIASN professional network and charity is a grass roots collective for gender equity in research and Higher Education careers. WIASN operates globally (100 countries) across various sectors, wherever research happens. The organisation has had a huge impact, with key statistics including 14k members, 100+ countries represented, and 2 million member interactions. In addition to this, they have delivered 100+ Training sessions, 230+ member events, 20 Special Interest Groups, and donated 1000 free copies of their book ‘ResearcHER: The power and potential of research careers for women’ across UK, Ireland, Africa, and Australia to reach young people underrepresented in research careers. From grassroots work to develop pipelines, WIASN is encouraging young women and girls into research, and facilitating the retention and promotion of women once they enter research careers.