Wye Gymnastics and Galaxy Cheerleading

1st September 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Community Organisation Award: Multi-Strand

With a new strategic plan introduced in 2021, the focus of Wye Gymnastics and Galaxy Cheerleading has encapsulated their vision of promoting wellbeing in the local community through a passion for gymnastics and cheerleading. They work tirelessly to assure a high quality and enjoyable experience for participants and strive to make physical activity accessible to more people to fulfil the mission of inspiring healthy communities by creating exceptional experiences. They aim to provide a person centred, coach led programme and endeavour to inspire happy lifestyles for all members across Monmouthshire and Newport. Their bursary schemes, community fridge, and free activity for those most in need is providing a beacon of hope for those most vulnerable. This incredible organisation currently run 58 gymnastics, cheerleading and fitness sessions every week and have a membership of over 1400.