Zachary Knight

24th August 2023

2023 Shortlisted Nominee
Positive Role Model Award: Age

11-year-old Zachary Knight has a love for Football, Rugby, Singing, Maths and French. He is also an inspirational driven young boy who in 2020 was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Despite suffering with seizures on a daily basis, Zac’s mission was to show the world that his condition will not stop him from taking part in the things that he loves the most. Each year since his diagnosis, Zac has organised and participated in a ‘Big Run’ covering more than 28 miles in total and raising £6,400 for Young Epilepsy. In a bid to educate his friends and peers, to coincide with ‘Purple Day’, Zac delivered a presentation to his entire school on the importance of understanding Epilepsy, and made purple ribbons for every pupil in the school so they could show their support. Overcoming any obstacle that comes his way, Zac continues to have a positive impact on everyone he meets.