Alice McSweeney

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for Disability: Sponsor - OVO Group

Nominee Profile

Location: Wiltshire
Alice is a Neurodivergent Consultant, Coach, Advocate and Author, specialising in Autism, PDA and ADHD, in which she has both professional and lived experience.

Alice has completed over 500 volunteering hours for her community in various settings and roles over the years, including being Autism lead for her local Parent Carer Council, Co-Chair for her county's Autism Partnership, A Parent to Parent Emotional support helpline worker, a Parent Carer Course Facilitator and Family support Childrens Centre volunteer.

Alice now runs the neuro-affirming business and social media platforms Neurodiverse Journeys, alongside the “through the looking glass” parent and relatives community group.

Last year Alice released two positive autistic identity children's picture books and donated many copies to her county's library’s and to her local schools.

This month Alice started as a Co-Guide for the ‘Reframing Families” section of Autistic Revolution, a magazine created by autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people for all neurotypes. This is a free resource ran currently by volunteers.

Alice is passionate about supporting her fellow neurodivergents and there families through a neuro-affirming lense.