Art Works South Yorkshire

Community Organisation Award

Community Organisation Award for Disability: Sponsor - Direct Line Group

Nominee Profile

Location: South Yorkshire
ArtWorks is a creative arts organisation supporting artists with learning disabilities and autistic artists to achieve their creative potential. Working across South Yorkshire, we empower over 100 artists through art workshops, nurturing independent practices, and creating professional opportunities in the arts sector.

In 2023 alone, we facilitated over 50 workshops with schools, community groups and the general public, empowering our artists to take on leadership roles. One of our largest projects is the biannual ArtWorks Together international exhibition for artists with learning disabilities, autism or both, which includes digital and physical exhibitions and a programme of talks, workshops and events. Through this project, we have built relationships with individuals and organisations around the world, fostering ambition and creativity amongst learning-disabled and autistic communities worldwide.

We are committed to inclusivity and accessibility, and intend to extend our reach by opening a new National Arts Gallery for neurodiverse artists in Sheffield very soon!