Dez Loveartpix

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for Disability: Sponsor - OVO Group

Nominee Profile

Location: Manchester
My name is Dez, a self-taught autistic artist and family man from Manchester. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in my 20s, I received a late diagnosis of Autism at 41 and am currently undergoing PTSD therapy while being assessed for ADHD.

My artistic journey began with creating artwork on the Picsart app on my phone whilst going through my autism assessment.

Under my chosen artist name Loveartpix, I share my creations on social media to promote the positive impact of creating art, a daily coping strategy that I believe can benefit many others.

I regularly donate art to various charities and causes, raising thousands of pounds at auction annually.

My artwork can be found in various locations throughout the Northwest of England, including Manchester, Blackpool, Cumbria, and even in France at the Normandy Memorial Trust. In 2023 I was nominated for 4 awards and winning my first (Autism Hero award) in November.

I am determined to help break the stigma surrounding neurodiverse conditions and encourage open discussion without fear of judgment.

Currently, I'm being filmed for a documentary chronicling my late diagnosis journey and the role of creative art in my life. I am also piloting the first of its kind Art Focus group for neurodivergent prisoners which will start in May, as well as Collaborating with Picsart and creating the first of its kind Art focus merited course using the Picsart app to help neurodivergent individuals regulate and express their emotions.

At the age of 44 and to finally starting to understand my condition, i feel i am just at the start of my journey. I consider myself blessed to have found art and creativity, as it not only fuels my passion for life but also serves as my daily lifeline, which helps in the regulation and management of my condition. This is something i will continue to share and hopefully help many others.