Jayne Little

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for Gender

Nominee Profile

Location: Leeds
Jayne is the founder and CEO of Skills 4 Ltd, a company she established in 2006 to improve gender balance in the male-dominated STEM sectors. Jayne and her passionate team deliver award-winning training programmes, giving thousands the confidence and skills they need to advance their careers and become role models for others. Jayne’s passion for inclusion and fairness is what prompted her to start Skills 4 and the company vision is the same now as it was then: to live in a world where everyone brings their true self to work. Jayne’s programmes, have developed over the years to be accessible to all genders and underrepresented groups. Her EMPOWER programme has been successfully delivered to over 10,000 people with over 66% being promoted within a year of completing the training. Jayne has expanded her team including onboarding and upskilling hand-picked trainers to ensure her programmes have a wider reach. Jayne uses the additional time to develop and create new programmes around psychological safety, inclusivity and allyship – again expanding the reach and impact of her work. Jayne also authors groundbreaking ‘Moving the Dial’ Reports which analyse business performance against criteria known to affect the retention and progression of diverse talent, sharing benchmarking, and helping organisations to build more inclusive workplaces. Since the company’s inception, Jayne’s emphasis has been on the need for sustainable change and with this in mind, she launched the Skills 4 Alumni which is a free membership for all delegates, building a community where we can continue to learn and share our work on diversity and inclusion. This year, Jayne established an Employee Ownership Trust to empower her team and ensure her work continues beyond her tenure. Jayne is a single mother of two children , one transgender and one neurodivergent - she has always been an advocate and champion for inclusion and frequently volunteers her time to speak on panels and deliver talks which contribute to this important societal shift.