Jenny Loughran

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for Disability: Sponsor - OVO Group

Nominee Profile

Location: Lincolnshire
Hey folks

I'm an Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent person and I'm sitting in my garden with my gardening gear on in shock after receiving this nomination.

I wonder who has voted for me?

I think I'm meant to showcase myself which feels rather cringy but here goes!

I'm an advocate and the Editor and Chief of Autistic Revolution.
We run a digital publication

I work alongside a fantastic bunch of neurodivergent folk to whom this nomination should go.

I'm not anyone of great importance.

However, collectively all of the families, and all of my neurokin whom I've met across the years and through my many different experiences have helped me to evolve, transform, acquire knowledge, and be here writing this bio...

Being nominated is a huge privilege.

Having a platform is a huge privilege

And the many other marginalized groups of humans/Individuals have helped all of our communities and I thank them for it.

Everyone has the right to feel valued, validated empowered, and enabled to be themselves.

I didn't receive any qualifications leaving school.

But I do think everyone has the right to be educated in environments that enable them to be themselves, to feel regulated, to process and learn topics that inspire and bring joy!
No matter the neurotype.
However, they identify
There is no "normal"

Neurotypical, neurodivergent, neither, or none

I wouldn't consider myself a specialist in the concept of language

But I always consider and ask how my fellow humans in our communities want to be described, spoken to, written about and more...

I for example as an autistic person do not consider myself as a "Disorder" or a "Condition"

However, I do consider myself someone with actual lived experience, someone who can ask questions, work alongside other Autistic and otherwise nd people, educate myself, and dive into autistic culture to change the language.

Enable, don't disable.

I am a proud Autistic person and I thank you for reading.