Lindzy Love

Positive Role Model Award

Positive Role Model Award for LGBT: Sponsor - Amazon

Community Organisation Award

Community Organisation Award for Multi-Strand

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Location: Hayling Island
Hi, My name is Lindzy Love, 56 years old and a transgender woman for around ten years now. I started my journey many years ago and like so many of us struggled with my identity, dysphoria, gender and the fear of transphobia amongst the public domain. I was confused , scared and didn't know where to go or who to talk to. After many many years of tears and anxiety I finally found myself, and now live a happy comfortable life just been Lindzy.

I started Trans-Holiday from an idea back in 2021 and singerly run the holidays voluntary, alongside my day to day job as a General Manager for a Garden centre chain.

My lifetime goals and aspirations are to help, support and give guidance to as many as I can, by means of Trans Holiday and all my other social networks.

At the last Holiday back in October 2023 I had some amazing success stories, these ranged from a couple in their 80's where the husband wanted to transition from male to female, it was their first time out at the Trans Holiday, his partner had so many questions, he had so much he wanted to learn, at the end of the week they just hugged me and said " this is life changing for us, thank you"
To a 20 year old daughter and her mother, she had never dressed in public, was shy and needed just something to gain her confidence. Her mother was so supportive and between us she finally began to break down her barriers, relax and made some life long friends.
These are just two out of so many recent stories that drive me , aspire me and make me do what I do today.